Northern Inland Emmaus Community History

It was in 1981 that the Walk to Emmaus became established in the USA as a separate entity from its parent body Cursillo. Three years later Australia became the first country outside the USA in which the Emmaus movement was organised. The Northern Inland Emmaus Community was one of the earliest communities to begin in Australia.

First Walks run in Australia.

In August 1984, the Reverend Robert Wood, at the invitation of The Upper Room (Australia), brought a team of 32 Americans (most of whom paid their own fares and used their annual leave) to run the first Emmaus Walks in Australia. Team members came from all over the USA, from both Emmaus Walks and Cursillo movements and included two Australians who had made their initial walks in the the US. The first Emmaus Walks in Australia were held in Otford, NSW. Twenty men and thirty-three women attended.
August 1984

Northern Inland - First Steps


Steering Committee formed


Northern Inland Emmaus Community Established

The Northern Inland Emmaus Community was formed and registered with the National Secretariat and the Upperroom.

First Community Walks.

The first Northern Inland Walks were held at Calrossy in 1990. A few folk, mostly from Quirindi who had been to an Emmaus Walk previously at Bonny Hills knew they just had to something with what they had just experienced. Rev David Kings was our first Spiritual Director. Lynn & Lloyd Rogers, the Castledines, John Nowland, Fay Gifford, Wendy Davey & her daughter Karen, were all involved from the get go.
July 1990

Chrysalis Community formed


Going Forth program developed.

A mini Emmaus Day was started by our Emmaus in 1995. This day was to be held similar to Emmaus but confined to one day. Three talks would be given by laity and one by the spiritual director for the day. These talks would be based on a book chosen by the Lay Director who would be appointed by the Board. The Lay Director has the responsibility of choosing the book, selecting the team and organising a training session to preview the talks. These days have usually been held on the 1st Saturday in November and have alternated between Tamworth and Armidale.

Going Forth.

LD: Rob Henderson
November 1996

Going Forth.

LD: Betty Pearson
November 1997

Going Forth.

LD: Lou Farina
November 1998

Chrysalis Community formed


10 Year Anniversary

Venue: Calrossy
August 2000

21st Anniversary

Venue: Southside
March 2010

National Emmaus Conference

The NIEC hosted the annual Emmaus Ministries Australia Conference at Lake Keepit. With the region in drought for a number of years significant rainfall occurred on the Saturday of the conference.
March 2019

Changing Times

The corona virus impacted all community events and meetings.
March 2020

30 Year Anniversary

???? 2020